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Healthy Respect Media Release: August 16, 2011

Coppola speaks out on N.Y.C sex education mandate.



Healthy Respect Lessons for Life

Latest News -- The Healthy Respect message of abstinence, character development and goal setting has been shown by independent evaluators to have a strong positive effect on the attitudes of students. But can that message be carried over into the real world, or the situations students find on a typical college campus? To get an idea, we asked a Healthy Respect graduate.

"I feel I am more mature and informed than others my age because I took this Healthy Respect program. You see sex in the media, magazines, TV and in music, and because of this program, I am able to stay away from that image. ..." "Now I can teach by example the younger kids about these situations." These are the words of Toni Green, a sophomore at Syracuse University who took the Healthy Respect program at Gorton High School in Yonkers. We sat down to talk with her and her father over the recent holiday, and they both said that the influence of Healthy Respect has been long-lasting, even when Toni is on her own on a large and diverse college campus. Toni is a dean's list scholar, belongs to a sorority, sits on a student advisory board and has an active social life. Due to her experience of mentoring seventh and eighth graders with the Healthy Respect program when she was in high school, Toni also decided to become a mentor to underprivileged students in the Syracuse school system. Thus, she is passing on the good lessons she learned to the next generation.

When we sat down with her, Toni explained, "Healthy Respect is more than abstinence. I definitely see character development as part of it. To abstain from and avoid bad influences is a really great character trait. It can be hard to do that in our society." She added, "I think the Healthy Respect program really prepared me for the situations that go on on a daily basis, from drugs, sex, alcohol and tobacco. At Syracuse University I am able to distinguish what really is a good environment and what is a bad environment." Her father said he has seen the growth in maturity in Toni. "I could not be more happy with the Healthy Respect program," he said.