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Healthy Respect Media Release

Healthy Respect Teacher Earns Honors

August 26, 2010 -- For one co-ed, classroom lessons apply to real life situations

For Sandra Hines, teaching is a way of giving back in gratitude for the opportunities she received from a good education. For her outstanding efforts in the classroom, Ms. Hines was honored recently by "Today's Students, Tomorrow's Teachers," whose mission is to recruit "economically challenged and culturally-diverse high school students" and provide mentoring and support so they can advance to the head of the class as teachers to impact the lives of other students.

She joined the Healthy Respect team at the beginning of this year and has found it very rewarding to teach young people about abstinence through character development and goal-setting. With the help of "Today's Students, Tomorrow's Teachers," she earned a Bachelor's degree in History and Spanish from Pace University in 2001, and then went on for a Master's degree in Secondary Education/Social Studies at LIU-C.W. Post.

She taught Spanish for six years at New York high schools, before coming to Healthy Respect.

"Sandra is an excellent teacher with a great deal of classroom experience, and she is also an excellent person who models the character traits and values that she is trying to convey to the students, "said Dr. Nanci Coppola, Executive Director of Healthy Respect. "She came from the same background and circumstances that a lot of our students come from, and she is able to serve as a model for them on how education and goal-setting can affect the direction of your life."

Ms. Hines has a clear purpose in her teaching. "Every child has a right to learn, and every child has a gift," she said. "It is our duty as parents and citizens to help foster the love of learning and to help each child find their own individual talent."

She added, "I love to teach because it is a way for me to give back to the communities that helped to enrich my life. I strive to be a model citizen for those who don't have positive examples in their lives."

About the Healthy Respect abstinence in preparation for marriage program, Ms. Hines said, "This program is vital to our communities. It gives students a positive alternative to the dangerous lifestyles that are promoted by today's society. It gives me hope that a program like ours will be able to bring back a focus on family and that we don't have to be a product of our negative environments. It can help foster a positive view of what we should value as a society."