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Now Showing: 'Abstinence in the City'

We’ve all heard of “Sex and the City,” the award-winning television show featuring four single women who seek love, fulfillment and happiness in the New York landscape. More often than not, however, they end up unfulfilled, less happy and more bewildered than they were at the beginning. As the song goes, they were looking for love “in all the wrong places.”

Believe it or not, there are some connections between Healthy Respect, which is based in New York and promotes “Abstinence in the City,” and the popular television show. After all, the four TV characters are looking for things that are natural to the human heart: love, fulfillment and happiness. And they pursue them in ways that the culture says is best: free sex and little commitment.

Healthy Respect knows that you cannot change the heart’s need for love, or even the human desire for sex. What can be changed are the choices young men and women make to satisfy their deepest needs and desires, as well as the culture that encourages them to make poor choices. At Healthy Respect, we don’t say sex is bad; we say sex is awesome, in fact sex is so awesome that Healthy Respect teaches students about the power and fragility of their reproductive systems. Like the "Spiderman" mantra states "with great power comes great responsibility." Healthy Respect teaches students to regard their reproductive power in light of the statement "Do NO Harm (to yourselves, others or your future)."

The Healthy Respect vision for youth may go against the prevalent message of our media; but it is in keeping with the deepest longings of the heart. We find that New York’s young people respond positively to our message of true love, self-respect and respect for others. They see the common sense of it all.

Another popular song says, “Don’t worry, be happy.” Young people who practice abstinence don’t have to worry about a lot of things that are driving teens crazy these days: an alphabet soup of sexually transmitted diseases, from AIDS to HPV, and pregnancies that can knock them off the education track. And teens can be happy with the Healthy Respect curriculum as they learn to create healthy relationships, achieve high self-esteem, stay off the heartbreak roller-coaster of hook-ups and break-ups, and save themselves for marriage – because they are worth it.

At Healthy Respect, we call this vision the achievable dream. Through character education, the setting of high yet realistic goals, and the study of good and healthy lifestyle choices, the Healthy Respect curriculum gives young students the tools necessary to plan for their dreams and goals by teaching them specific decision-making skills.

That’s what “Abstinence in the City” is about. The message is positive, the method is proven.

New York’s young people deserve respect – Healthy Respect!