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Summer Reflections
As the new school year approaches, Healthy Respect talks about its educational mission

Not long ago we welcomed the start of summer and the necessary break it brought for students and educators everywhere. Now Labor Day weekend is upon us, and we look to the start of a new school year, with all its hopes and opportunities to make a difference in the lives of young people.

We at Healthy Respect are also looking to start afresh in the Fall. For the first time we had an extensive summer camp abstinence program in community settings, which has given us increased momentum as we begin the new school year. As we prepare our specially trained instructors to go back into the classrooms, we are encouraged by the results of a new student survey that shows the effectiveness of our abstinence in preparation for marriage curriculum. We will be reporting on the survey results in more detail after the school year starts.

The summer break has also given us time to reflect on the essentials of our educational mission. At Healthy Respect, we teach students not only the facts they need. We seek to reach them in the circumstances of their lives, to educate the whole person. This is why our Healthy Respect message is so effective. We tell young people that abstinence is more than just a ‘no’ to sex; it is a life-affirming ‘yes’ to a better future and lifetime goals. The students respond to our positive approach. They may question and challenge us, but they always listen and think.

Some of what they think will be covered in our next bulletin about the confidential student survey that Healthy Respect conducts each year. In the meantime, we hope our readers enjoy the last days of summer.

See you again when the school bell rings!