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The Spring 2004 Initiative
A student tries to walk a straight line wearing the "Drunk and Dangerous Glasses"

 A 7th grade student tries to walk a straight line while wearing the Drunk and Dangerous Glasses

The Healthy Respect Savin’ It program was wonderfully received this spring by nearly 500 students in Commerce Middle School and Gorton High School in the Yonkers Public School District; Thelma Hamilton Middle School and Prospect Heights High School in the New York City Public School District in Brooklyn; and Little Flower Union Free School District on Long Island. Students from grades 6-12 participated in approximately 10-16 sessions of the Healthy Respect Program.

Makeetah Cochy explains the female reproductive system

The program really began with the hiring of 4 new Healthy Respect teachers to work in male/female teams. We were truly fortunate to interview 30 possible candidates. Of those candidates, 4 were outstanding in their ability to connect with young people. James and Zalika Warren, a young married couple, taught in Yonkers. Makeetah Cochy and Wayne Williams taught in Brooklyn. The Life Center of Long Island hired Debbie Harding to teach with Wayne Williams at Little Flower. All the teachers trained for 2-4 weeks before beginning their programs.