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Healthy Respect Public Service Announcement Showcased at National Abstinence Education Conference

Bethesda, Maryland -- Healthy Respect's public service announcement (PSA) was showcased yesterday evening at the National Abstinence Education Grantees Conference sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The conference assembled an estimated 200 organizations from forty seven states and the District of Columbia to promote best practices in the areas of program evaluation, medical accuracy, and community outreach.

The 30-second PSA highlights the negative outcomes for young people that are associated with teen sexual activity, and urges a fresh approach to the crisis in teen sexual heath in the United States.

The PSA is designed to be shown on television and in local community settings to raise awareness regarding teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections and the negative influences these may have on the academic performance and future prospects of young people

"We are pleased to share our experience with other abstinence educators at this national conference," said John P. Margand, Esq., Chief Executive Officer of Healthy Respect. "We live in a sex-saturated society where adults often feel intimidated in talking to teens about the clear advantages of saving sex for marriage. Our PSA advocates a fresh approach which supports parents in their role as the primary educators of teens in sexual health."

The PSA is based on the longer documentary video called "Abstinence Education: A Fresh Approach," which features scenes from actual classroom sessions as well as interviews with educators, students and instructors who are involved in the Healthy Respect program. The video and the PSA may be viewed at the Healthy Respect website, www.healthrespect.org.

The three-day conference in Bethesda, Maryland, is for abstinence education programs throughout the United States that have received federal funding.

Healthy Respect is also taking part in a related conference at the same site this week sponsored by the National Abstinence Education Association.

To view the Healthy Respect PSA, click here.