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Healthy Respect Media Release

New York Mayor Invites Healthy Respect to Participate in 'Respect Life Week' in Yonkers

From Left to Right: Healthy Respect Board President John Margand; Yonkers Mayor Philip Amicone; City Councilman Liam McLaughlin at Yonkers Respect Life Week January 25, 2009Yonkers, New York.
January 30 , 2009
-- Philip A. Amicone, Mayor of New York's fourth largest city, invited Healthy Respect to participate in a City Hall ceremony marking "Respect Life Week" in Yonkers. John Margand, President of the Board of Directors, represented Healthy Respect.

Joining Mayor Philip Amicone on the steps of City Hall on January 25th, Mr. Margand praised the mayor for his "compassion, commitment and competence in promoting the Culture of Life."

Mr. Margand also pointed out that the Healthy Respect's character-based abstinence education program provides teens with the tools they need to make healthy decisions to avoid teen pregnancy in the first place. The program has been operating in the Yonkers public schools for six years.

"It has been our pleasure to work closely with professional educators from the district to reach Yonkers students with a clear and consistent message regarding the power and delicacy of the human reproductive faculties and to assist them in making healthy choices," Mr. Margand said.

"Our program has been focused on 'what works' in the rapidly developing field of sexual health education. Our intensive 23 session program has proven to be effective with students in the Yonkers Public Schools."

Last year, Healthy Respect was selected from among the top abstinence education programs to participate in a nationwide study to evaluate best practices in the field of character-based abstinence education.