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Dr. Wade Horn Cites Success of Healthy Respect in Keynote at National Abstinence Conference

Dr. Wade Horn, a top U.S. Health and Human Services official, made specific mention of the evaluation results of the Healthy Respect abstinence in preparation for marriage program in his keynote address at the annual National Abstinence Education Conference in Arlington, VA. Horn, Assistant Secretary for Children and Families at HHS, held up Healthy Respect’s student evaluation process as a model as he praised the program’s results.

Healthy Respect, which is based in the Bronx, New York, commissioned an independent, professionally administered and confidential survey which concluded that students “have a very strong association with Healthy Respect and its message.”

According to the survey, there was a dramatic increase -- 29 percent -- in the number of students who agreed that abstinence is the best way to avoid pregnancy. Almost as high -- 24 percent -- was the increase in the number of students who agreed that abstinence is the only certain way to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.

Also, there was a 13 percent increase in the number of students who were aware that STDs can be transmitted through sexual activity other than intercourse, and a 19 percent increase in those who know that not all STDs can be cured.

The survey results were compiled and evaluated by an independent team of sociologists from Queens College.

The National Abstinence Education Conference, held Dec. 6-8, brought together leaders in abstinence education. It featured workshops presented by experts in the abstinence field as well as renowned medical doctors, sociologists, psychologists and educators. The focus of the conference was on professional administration and evaluation of abstinence education programs, the maintenance of high curriculum standards, quality teaching methods, accurate medical information and a review of best practices that will assure the quality of each program.

Representing Healthy Respect at the conference were John P. Margand, Esq., Executive Director, and Dr. Nanci Coppola, Director of Curriculum.

“We thank Dr. Wade Horn for citing the positive results of our student evaluation,” Margand said. “Our results reflect the effort and teamwork of the well-trained and highly competent Healthy Respect staff, including our excellent in-classroom instructors who are the ones working directly with the students.”

Regarding the national conference, Margand added, “It is clear that the abstinence movement is coming of age, both in the quality of the programs and in the relevance these programs have to youth development. We have shown repeatedly that teen abstinence is more than just saying ‘no’ to sex; it is saying ‘yes’ to a better future and a whole range of healthy choices and opportunities. We are proud to be a part of this movement to bring the hope of better lives to young people in underserved areas who are looking for a better life.”

For more details about the Healthy Respect survey, click on this LINK