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Healthy Respect Seeks Partners for Summer Abstinence Program

The recent blast of arctic air cannot hide the fact that summer is coming and it’s time to start making plans to keep young people active and healthy in the hot weather months. Healthy Respect is preparing, also, to bring the abstinence until marriage message to young people throughout the New York metropolitan area. This is the third year that the proven abstinence program, which reaches more than 1,500 students during the school year, is bringing its message to young people by partnering with school-based or community-based summer programs.

With the motto “Abstinence Never Takes a Vacation,” Healthy Respect stands ready to partner with summer camps and other summer educational and recreational programs during the month of July, for students ages 12 to 17. In a fun yet informative format suited for less formal summer settings, Healthy Respect instructors provide four weeks of abstinence until marriage education to young people. Since the classes are smaller than those during regular school months, instructors are able to use alternative teaching methods such as sitting around a table and encouraging more personal discussions.

Last summer, Healthy Respect provided abstinence instruction at YMCA programs in Yonkers and Manhattan and at a Harlem community program.

“We are looking for summer programs to invite us in so we can provide the kind of positive, life-affirming message that kids need to hear year-round,” said John P. Margand, Esq, Chief Executive Officer of Healthy Respect. “We are very excited about Healthy Respect reaching young people not only in the schoolroom but in neighborhood, community, recreational and sports camp settings that will tie abstinence until marriage to every aspect of a teen’s life.”

For more information about Healthy Respect’s summer program and how to arrange a partnership, call (718) 409-0800 or send an e-mail to info@healthrespect.org.