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Healthy Respect Media Release

Healthy Respect Exceeds Expectations

Selected to Participate in National Study to Help Determine Best Practices for Abstinence Programs Nationwide

Yonkers, New York (June 19, 2008) -- At the same time students were receiving year-end report cards, Healthy Respect reported high marks for its character-based abstinence education program. In its fifth year of operation, Healthy Respect exceeded goals in both the number of students enrolled and the percentage of students who reported increased knowledge and positive attitude shifts regarding sexual behavior.

The spring semester was highlighted by the implementation of a federal grant from the federal Office of Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (OAPP), which recognized Healthy Respect's outstanding ability in getting its message across and in professionally evaluating the success of the character-based program in changing student attitudes.

In addition, Healthy Respect was chosen to undergo a national cross-site outcome evaluation which will be used to determine best practices for programs nationwide.

"We are very pleased with our year-end numbers and evaluations," said John P. Margand, Esq, Chief Executive Officer of Healthy Respect. "We have expanded the program to more schools, served more students and had a successful first year with the national study that promises to move our character-based abstinence education program to the next level."

Mr. Margand added, "Participating in this important national evaluation has challenged us to raise more funds from private sources, and we are working on that as well."

The effectiveness of Healthy Respect stems from its proven curriculum that addresses the needs and questions of young people and presents abstinence within the context of character development, self-esteem and academic and career goals. Healthy Respect trains its own instructors and sends them into the classroom in ethnically diverse male-female teams who serve as models of respectful male-female behavior.

By the Numbers

While bringing its character-based abstinence message to classrooms in Yonkers, Brooklyn and the Bronx, Healthy Respect reached 2,189 students in 12 schools, in grades 5 through 11. This number exceeded the program goals by nearly 500 students.

Based on the findings of a professional, independent evaluation team, Healthy Respect also exceeded its goal under a separate program for students reporting changes in attitudes in three important areas:

1) the percentage of students reporting getting a high school diploma as a goal;

2) the percentage of students who reported that abstinence is the only 100 percent effective way to avoid getting a sexually transmitted infection;

3) the percentage of students who report that abstinence is the only totally effective way to avoid getting pregnant.

"These results show us that we are reaching the students in terms of their knowledge and attitudes," Mr. Margand commented. "The bottom line for Healthy Respect will always be to foster healthy choices and better lives for all our students."


About Healthy Respect:

The Healthy Respect curriculum for students in grades 7 through 12 is designed to guide young people in making good choices and set them on a safe course toward success. With age-appropriate lessons, it engenders healthy perspectives regarding the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, and promotes abstinence in preparation for marriage by illustrating the power and delicacy of the human reproductive system, while fostering attitudes of self-respect and self-control.

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