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On FOX-5 Talk Show, Healthy Respect Peer Educators Make Case for Abstinence 

First Healthy Respect Speaker Praises Abstinence Programs

From right to left Alfreiny Stengel, Cindy Gue, John P. Margand, Esq., Lisa Evers

Two 17-year-old Healthy Respect Peer Educators made a strong case for abstinence during their appearance on a FOX-5 New York television talk show that discussed the rise in birthrates. The peer educators mentor middle school students in the Yonkers Public Schools.

Showing poise and knowledge during their appearance on the Saturday morning program "Good Day Street Talk," Alfreiny Stengel and Cindy Gue, students at Gorton High School, spoke with host Lisa Evers about their experiences in mentoring to middle school students about sexuality and abstinence. The two Peer Educators highlighted the need for young people to develop the self-awareness and self-esteem to choose abstinence despite peer pressure. When asked by the host what the advice should be for a teen girl whose boyfriend was pushing her for sex because he "loved" her, Ms. Stengel replied, "I'd tell her, if he really loves and respects you, he will wait."

Ms. Stengel and Ms. Gue appeared in a program segment with two teen counselors from Planned Parenthood, who presented teen sex as a positive experience and said that young people should have easy access to condoms and other forms of contraceptives.

"Love is not defined by what you do physically but by the connection you guys make communicating," said Ms. Gue. "Some students justify their sexual activity by saying they are 'in love.' You're in the eighth grade, what can you know about love," noted Ms. Stengel.

The basis of the TV program's discussion was the new government statistics showing a 3 percent rise in the birthrate among teens, ages 15 to 19 -- the first such rise in this age group in 14 years. The increased rate does not necessarily mean a jump in teen pregnancy, however, but may reflect instead a rise in the number of teens bringing their pregnancies to term, rather than having an abortion.

Appearing on a separate segment of the same edition of "Good Day Street Talk" was John P. Margand, Esq., Chief Executive Officer of Healthy Respect , who stressed the importance of parents talking to their children about sexuality and the values they wish to pass on to them.

Citing the proven success of the Healthy Respect classroom curriculum, Mr. Margand said that abstinence is a skill set that prepares young people to make healthy choices across a broad range of issues, from physical and emotional well-being to academic and career goals.

Healthy Respect supports parents as the primary educators of their children in matters of sexuality. Healthy Respect conducts workshops to encourage and empower parents to talk to their kids about sex and the benefits of abstinence in preparing for healthy relationships and lasting marriages.

"The bottom line is that there is no 'safe' sex for teens," Mr. Margand said after the program. "Whether it is teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, emotional breakdown, broken hearts, or adults preying on teens, the best way for teens to express their sexuality is through a healthy choice of abstinence for marriage."

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