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Art Auction Raises Funds and Friends

How much is a Monet print worth? How about a jersey of former Yankee star Don Mattingly? For teens in the Healthy Respect abstinence in preparation for marriage program, the answer is: priceless.

Healthy Respect's first 'Live Art Auction' October 20, 2006 held at The Roosevelt Ballroom in downtown Yonkers

Monet and Mattingly shared the stage with original artwork and memorabilia from other sports stars in an eclectic collection of valuables that went to the highest bidders at the first Healthy Respect “Live Art Auction.” Held Oct. 20 at the Roosevelt Ballroom in downtown Yonkers, the auction raised funds for Healthy Respect, the classroom-based abstinence program that operates in five public schools in Yonkers, as well as three Brooklyn schools. The curriculum presents abstinence as a key element in a student’s personal health, academic achievement and future goals and success.

The auction was a fund-raiser and a friend-raiser that brought together fine art and sports fans who are interested in making a difference in the lives of high-needs, inner-city students.

“The ‘Live Art Auction’ is another example of Healthy Respect’s comprehensive outreach to the community that is designed to raise funds for a vital program and also to make friends and foster relationships for the benefit of young people,” said John P. Margand Esq., Executive Director of Healthy Respect. “We thank all the patrons of this event who support the Healthy Respect message and see the need to reach young people with the life-affirming message of abstinence in preparation for marriage. Our communities will be better because of their support.”

Healthy Respect also conducts parent workshops in English and Spanish so that parents can learn about the abstinence program and encourage their children with positive messages at home. It also sponsors community boards with key community leaders and medical symposia, with talks by doctors about the health benefits of abstinence for teens.
Major donations at the “Live Art Auction” were provided by Dr. Joseph English and his wife, Ann English; Dr. James Como and his wife, Alexandra Como, and Healthy Respect Board Member Timothy Graham. Stew Leonard’s in Yonkers was among the corporate sponsors.